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3D printing sugru for the first time!

We often get asked if you can 3D print with sugru, and until now the answer has been... nope we've never seen it done before.

Then, a couple of weeks ago an awesome suger-er called Mallin let us know about HYREL and their 3D printing tests.

So we sent them out some sugru to try out, and we are super excited to learn that IT WORKED!

HYREL 3D was dreamt up by Daniel Hutchison and a small group of engineers, designers, and business people who have been making automated machines for the semiconductor industry for the past 35 years. He posted the project on Kickstarter and it raised a whopping $150,000!! But the team didn't stop at that.

They invented a cartridge-based extruder system, called the HYREL Emulsifiable Extruder (EMO-25) - an amazing tool that allows HYREL to print various materials. So far they have tested printing with plasticine, Play-Doh and now sugru.

Check out their website for more info on their founding story and their printing test videos!