5 home hacks that make keeping the house clean fun for kids

It’s a dance as old as time. As parents, we ask the kids to clean up, and they get distracted, enter negotiations or downright go on strike. But what if you could make cleaning as fun and easy for kids as making the mess was in the first place?  

With a little imagination and creativity, you can create little upcycle projects and home hacks that keep the kids entertained and the house mess free. Here are five of our favourite projects to get you inspired. 

Make keeping their shoes off the floor a ball

The door flings open, and shoes are kicked off across the floor to create tiny tripping hazards until they’re needed the next day? Sound familiar? Fret not; those days are a thing of the past. This handy home hack can create a quirky storage solution that your kids will love. Simply add a little Sugru to a tennis ball, place it somewhere convenient and within reach and your tennis ball is now a fun shoe hook. Game on! 

Make their creative space a work of art

If your little Picasso to be is prone to leave the canvas a masterpiece but the house a mess this is the project for you. 

Using an upcycled pegboard, a spice rack and some hooks, you can create an all-encompassing art station. The art station will make it easy for your little artist to find what they need and put it right back where it came from. The project was created by Crystal on so you think you’re crafty, but for bonus creativity points you can make custom hooks and stick them to your pegboard with Sugru. 

Make putting toys away AWESOME!

What if you could help your kid clean their toys with other toys? Guess what? You can. Juilane, one of the geniuses in the Sugru community inspired this awesome trick. Add some LEGO plates to the wall and a piece of LEGO to the back of your kids favourite toys and bam! Their toys are always easy to get to and can simply be clicked back into place when they’re done. 

Four times the fun

This four-in-one play table provides your children with a space for everything from drawing to lego AND all the storage they will need to keep it tidy. The table comes with a tricky little bonus, because all these activities are on the one table your children will need to clean the space before changing from one activity to the next. 

Tidy toothbrushes

One thing our community has proven over the years is that Sugru + LEGO = awesome. This project from mother and creative genius Helga, is a great way to keep your kid's teeth and bathroom clean. 

With our Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Formula, it’s easy for you and your kids to find new and creative ways to improve your home. If you’ve come up with your own cleaning hack, we’d love to see it. Share your fix with us and you could win fix of the month and heaps of free Sugru.