Customise your home with outdoor treasures

Everyone remembers the feeling of being a kid on the beach. Sandy hair, wet toes, pockets filled with colourful seashells as you searched for the perfect one.

Whether it’s the beach or the woods you prefer, relive that feeling of discovery everyday with this fantastic project... and customise your furniture with Sugru!

Bring the outside... inside!

The great thing about this project is its versatility. Sugru is brilliant at sticking to awkward surfaces and filling weird gaps, so you can customise your furniture with whatever you find outdoors. We've used seashells as drawer handles, but you could use anything!

To complete this fun project, you’ll only need 1 single-use sachet of Sugru for 2 handles.

Step 1 – Divide your Sugru into 2 large pieces and 2 smaller pieces. You'll need 1 big piece and 1 small piece for each handle.

Step 2 – Smudge 1 smaller piece of Sugru onto the drawer. This will help establish a strong bond.

Step 3 – Press the larger piece of Sugru onto the seashell.

Step 4 – Press the seashell onto the drawer. Hold in place with tape until secure.

Step 5 – Repeat for your second handle.

In 24 hours, you’ll have wonderful seashells for drawer handles!

There’s only one question left to ask. How fast can you say this?

She sells seashells by the seashore.
The shells she sells are surely seashells.
So if she sells shells on the seashore,
I'm sure she sells seashore shells.

More ideas for bringing the outdoors inside

1. Make a soap dish from a shell

Melanie created her own soap dish using Sugru and magnets! "Doesn't it just drive you mad when the suction cup show soap dish keeps falling off?" Melanie asks. "I thought I would make my own out of Sugru (and magnets so I can easily clean the dish) and a beautiful NZ paua shell".

2. Construct beautiful hooks from twigs and Sugru

Pots, pans, tea towels, hats, coats or bags. Whatever it is, we all have stuff that needs hanging up out of the way. So we created this guide to help you make your own beautiful hooks using twigs and Sugru.

3. Make a new stone handle for a broken saucepan lid

Janet added a granite stone handle to a nice saucepan after she picked it up at a secondhand shop. "It was cheap because the handle on the lid was broken off, leaving just a sharp metal stem sticking up," Janet says. "The perfect thing for a Sugru hack!"

Janet poked around in her garden and found a lovely smooth flat round piece of granite for the handle and used Sugru to attach it firmly to the lid. "I LOVE how it looks now," she says. "A beautiful integration of nature and high tech material."

4. Make your own stamps

Christina wanted a Japanese Hanko Seal, but they were just too expensive. The beautiful stone that Christina used was bought from the famous Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota, USA, but you can make stamps out of anything!

For loads more ideas and inspiration to brighten up your summer, head over here.