Easy way to create beautiful repeat pattern stamps

Add a personal touch to notebooks, cards, wrapping paper – anything! – with hand-crafted stamps.

We've seen lots of people around the world come up with clever ways of crafting stamps out of all kinds of stuff with Sugru.

Here, we've used bottle tops to create lovely repeat patterns.

With Sugru it's this easy!

Step 1 - Stick Sugru onto a bottle top and flatten it by pressing it gently on the table (be sure to rub a little soapy water on the table first to stop Sugru from sticking!)

Step 2 - 12 hours later you can use a knife to carve your own stamp design (depending on the thickness, this may require 24 hours cure time).

Now all you need to do is paint away and then once the paint has dried you'll be left with something beautifully personalised.

Top tip: We used acrylic paint and block ink which worked really well.

Sugru makes this project super quick and easy; it's hand-mouldable and bonds to most materials so you can turn almost anything into your own stamp.

This idea was inspired by Lise and her beautiful fabric stamp, which is number 3 on this list of 15 ideas of how you can craft stamps with Sugru!

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