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How to fix a PS3 controller

My dog was feeling cheeky and ate my joysticks off my PS3 controller. Figured why not make joysticks out of Sugru. Works like a charm!


  • 1 single-use foil pack Sugru
  • PS3 controller

Step 1

PS3 controller with broken thumbsticks

The result of my dog's insurmountable cheekiness.

Step 2

Round Sugru pad
Split your Sugru into two equal parts (try to make them identical)Roll them into ballsFlatten the balls and (if possible) try to equal the diameter of another joystickPlace it on top of the broken joystick and use your thumbs to shape it as desiredDone!

Step 3

Sugru pads applied to controller to fix thumbsticks

And that's what you should get.