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How to create an iPad dock for your garden

My wife and I live on the BLEEDING EDGE of the technology rainbow. Take our music situation:

Spotify on the iPad; iPad in the garden and JamBox amidst the tomato plants, billowing out playlists as we Instagram ourselves high-fiving one another.

Fancy. But something was missing. We didn't have anywhere groovy (and secure) to put the iPad.

Then I remembered we had a set of iron hooks. I had bought them on eBay to feel a transient flush of pleasure on an otherwise ordinary Saturday morning. I didn't need hooks, but I bloody well won them; snatched them from Bargain_Brenda31 at the last second for less than a tenner.

I've had some Sugru sitting in my toolbox for about a year, waiting for the right moment to pull open its packaging and smell its potential on my eager fingers. The hooks winked at me, and the iPad glowed with promise. I knew it was time.

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  • Hooks
  • iPad
  • Sugru

Step 1

Sugru moulded to fit iPad on hooks

I worked quickly with my thumbs, wedging pea-sized Sugru balls onto the inside of the hooks — right at the bottom where the iPad was destined to sit. I squidged it into place, massaging the Sugru with an erotic/pragmatic intensity, moulding it - or was it moulding me?

Step 2

Small sugru pads added to back of hooks

Next, I added small dabs of Sugru to the back of the hook structure, placing it expertly where the iPad 's shoulders would rest. I worked the Sugru into neat halves, like buttocks, to camouflage them against the intricate ironwork. Don't worry, Jonny Ive, it's metal-on-rubber at every tender contact point.

Step 3

iPad sitting on hooks

Waiting for the Sugru to air-cure was an electric 12 hours. I lay awake, blinking at the iPad on my bedside table. 'Tomorrow,' I whispered.

The next day rolled in like a fat puppy falling off a table. I ran outside and placed the iPad in its new dock. The strong curves of the hook reflected on its surface and we fired it up. 'Van Halen,' I commanded, and my wife made it so.

We watched as the tomato leaves trembled, Van Halen's Jump soaring from JamBox. The iPad sunk into its perfect Sugru socks and we punched the air.