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How to fix a broken cup handle

I dropped my favourite mug of Jack Skellington and smashed the handle into many pieces. The mug survived. As soon as I got sugru I decided to fix it. I used a metal U-Bolt to give it some stability. It was really easy and turned out perfect. Thanks sugru!


  • 1 x 20g pack of black sugru
  • A spare u-bolt that was lying in my toolbox

Step 1

Mug with broken handle and packet of Sugru

The broken mug, pack of sugru, and metal u-bolt that I bent slightly outwards.

Step 2

Opened pack of Sugru next to mug and scissors

Open the pack of sugru

Step 3

Metal ring attached to mug as handle with Sugru

Use about 1/3 rd of the pack to make the parts that will stick to the cup, then push in the bolt

Step 4

Metal ring coated in Sugru

Make a long piece of sugru and form it around the curved part of the bolt, mold it and shape it until happy.

Step 5

Mug with fixed Sugru handle on a book

Leave for at least 24 hours and its done. The black colour worked out very well.