How to fix leaking wellington boots

Wellington boots. They may not be the most glamorous footwear going, but they are perfect for avoiding trench foot when working in the garden. However, even the tiniest hole makes them completely useless and leave you with soggy socks. Thanks to Sugru you don't need to throw them away, but you can repair them.

Sugru is great for repairing rubber boots as it bonds really well to them, it remains flexible after curing and is completely waterproof and weatherproof!


  • 1 x 5g single-use foil pack of Sugru
  • Scissors

Step 1

Small ball of Sugru on finger

Open your pack of Sugru by cutting along the dotted line. Knead the Sugru between your fingers for about ten seconds and you are ready to go! For this project work with just small amounts of Sugru, piece by piece. It is far easier to work with in gradual, small amounts.

We have done a little bit of colour mixing here to get this lovely pastel yellow. Why not try some colour mixing yourself? Check out this handy guide to get started.

Step 2

Sugru being spread on wellington boot with finger

Spread the Sugru, piece by piece, into the rubber of the boot. Spread it all around the tear and then over the tear itself.

Step 3

Edges of Sugru being tidied with finger

Use the back of your fingernail to tidy up the edges. Ensure that all the edges are fully worked into the rubber. Leave to cure overnight.

Step 4

Sugru covering leaking wellington boots

The next day you will be ready to get back to your gardening!