How to hang plant pots wherever you want them

Bring the outside inside with this fun project, dreamt up by our very own James!

Use Sugru to mount a small plant pot wherever you want it - on the wall, in the bathroom, or to the back of a kitchen chair, as shown here.

Sugru bonds brilliantly with ceramics (in this case, terracotta) but can always be removed if you decide to rearrange your flowers :)


  • 1 single-use pack of Sugru
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 small plant pot
  • A few books/magazines
  • Cling film

Step 1

Wooden chair upside-down on another chair

Stack the chair that you plan to Sugru the pot to upside down on top of the other chair.

Step 2

Sugru applied to plant pot

Working with small pieces of Sugru, rub it into the ceramic pot and form a thin layer...

Step 3

Sugru circle on plant pot

...circular in shape, about 2cm wide. Be sure that is is fully worked into the ceramic.

By the way, we did a bit of colour mixing to get this pastel orange. If you want to have a go at some yourself then check out our Sugru colour mixing page!

Step 4

Ball of Sugru being added to previous circle of Sugru

Press the rest of the Sugru into the circle on the pot. Because ceramics can be a bit crumbly, you attach the Sugru in two parts to ensure a secure bond.

Step 5

Pyramid of Sugru on plant pot

Shape the Sugru into a small pyramid.

Step 6

Plant pot next to wooden chair

Flip the pot upside down and, if necessary, use books and or magazines to get the rim of the pot the same level as the chair. Wrap any books/magazines in cling film to protect them from Sugru.

Step 7

Plant pot and Sugru being pressed into chair

Press the pyramid straight into the centre of the back of the chair. Ensure the pot stays straight and that there is an even spread of Sugru. Some Sugru will spread out the top so ensure that there is a small gap between the books and the chair so that the Sugru does not bond to the cling film.

Step 8

Sugru being moulded on chair

Press the Sugru that spreads out the sides back into the chair and the pot.

Step 9

Excess Sugru being pressed in

Press in the Sugru that has spread out at the top.

Step 10

Plant pot attached to wooden chair

Leave to set for 12-24 hours* before turning upright and potting your plant.

Enjoy having flowers just where you want them!

*Note: Sugru sets to 1.5mm in 12 hours, 3mm in 24 hours and thicker applications may take longer. For load-bearing projects, or if Sugru's exposure to air is limited when squished between surfaces, allow up to 48 hours for it to fully set.