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How to make a cheap iPhone tripod mount

I always wanted to expand on my iPhone's ability to create unique images quickly and easily. I decided a tripod would be the best starter option and after looking at options and figuring $20 to $50 or even $100 bucks was absurd.

Enter SUGRU!


  • Cheap or Old iPhone case
  • 1/4" Hex Nut
  • One 5g pack of sugru
  • Tripod with quick release plate

Step 1

Sugru packet being held

Take the sugru. Open and knead it.

Step 2

iPhone case being held

Take the case and clean the surface. I used a cheap iPhone 5 snap case I got for $7.00 bucks at TJ Max.

Step 3

Nut being held

Find a nice place for the nut to rest. Side/bottom or something logical.

Step 4

Nut attached to iPhone case with Sugru

Apply a small amount of sugru on the case and press the nut down. Mould the excess sugru up around the nut to help hold the position in the centre. Try to tamp down the excess.

Step 5

Sugru applied all over the nut

Now build in around the base to ensure you have a good amount of material to prevent the torque of the screw locking into the nut tearing apart the set up. And make it look better than mine!

Step 6

iPhone attached to camera tripod

Let it cure then snap away. Try timelapse or long exposure or light painting. Have fun!

Step 7

iPhone case attached to camera mount