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How to make a cheap neutral density filter

This is a cheap neutral density filter for photography. It costs around €4 each instead of €70-90.


  • Cheap welding glass
  • Step-up adapter ring
  • Sugru

Step 1

Welding glass on a table

First you need a cheap welding glass that will be big enough.

Step 2

Step-up adapter ring and circles of welding glass

The next thing you need is a step-up adapter ring. Mine is 67-72 mm since my lens are 67 mm in diameter.

Step 3

Circle of welding glass

You need to cut the glass to the bigger diameter of your step-up adapter (72 mm in my case).

Step 4

Welding glass positioned inside step-up adapter ring

Check the fit between the ring and the cut glass and avoid glass imperfections as shown. This is why I bought two welding glasses.

Step 5

Sugru applied to glass, inside step-up adapter ring

Apply some Sugru in the ring and press the glass against it, then trim the excess of Sugru and wait 24 hours.

Step 6

Image of a bridge and building with a green filter due to Sugru

This is the original picture with a 30 seconds exposure.

Step 7

Image of a bridge and building in black and white

This is the picture with some corrections in Photoshop.