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How to make a neat and easy custom-fit earbud / in-ear monitors

In this guide, with sugru, we'll tell you how make custom earbuds safely using sugru to create a perfect cast of the inside of your ear!

sugru is perfect for this because -

it moulds to create the perfect fit for your ear

it forms around the inside of your ear reducing background noise

as the shape of the buds are custom, they are also much less likely to fall out, great for exercising!


  • A quarter of a minipack of sugru (maybe line up a couple more fixes so you don't waste the rest!)
  • Your earbuds
  • Scissors
  • Tissue/toilet paper

Step 1

Two rolls of yellow Sugru in hand

Cut open your mini pack and tear off a quarter of the blob of sugru. Roll it into two sausages, long enough to just overlap when you wrap it around the inner tube of the bud.

Step 2

Sugru rolls wrapped around earbud

Roll the jelly heads back so the inner rubber tube is exposed. Give this inner rubber tube a quick wipe with tissue paper to clean it.

Press and wrap it around the stem. If your sugru is too long, just tear it off.

Step 3

Jelly head pushed over yellow Sugru

Roll the jelly head back over the sugru. Remember to do it to the other earbud!

Step 4

Earphone being pressed into ear

Slowly ease the bud into your ear, whilst applying light pressure. You might want to play music through the headphones at the same time, to hear what positioning works best.

Give the buds a final press to get the best fit, and then carefully pull them out of your ears.

TOP TIP: Don't twist the buds as you insert or remove them, as it might upset the impression of your ear. Be as careful as you can when inserting and removing the buds before the sugru has cured.

Step 5

Moulded jelly head earphone on wooden surface

Leave the sugru to cure overnight and in the morning you will have your very own custom-fit headphones! Whoopee!

Step 6

[How to video] Quite possibly the neatest and best DIY custom-fit earbuds ever...

2m 25s

Look, we even made a video tutorial!