How to make a pen grip for your garden

When potting and planting new additions to your garden at spring it can be useful to have a pen handy for plant markers. But once work is underway they can easily be lost.

Stop this annoyance from occurring by building some handy pen grips for your garden. Put them in your green house, by the back door or even on your trug.


  • 1 single-use pack of Sugru
  • Soapy water
  • Marker pen

Step 1

Open your pack of Sugru and knead if your fingers for roughly 10 seconds. Roll into a blob and press it into the positon that you want your pen grip.

We've done a bit of colour mixing to get this lovely blue, if you want to try it yourself then have a look at our Sugru colour mixing page.

Step 2

Shape the Sugru into a horizontal knob.

Step 3

Cover the type of pen that you want your grip to hold in soapy water.

Step 4

Press the pen into the knob of Sugru.

Step 5

Press the sides of the Sugru around the pen so that they are almost touching.

Step 6

Remove the pen.

Step 7

Press in the wings of the grip again so that they are almost touching. Leave to set for 12-24 hours.