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How to make a removable smartphone bike mount

I recently got my new bike and I wanted to use a GPS tracking App, so I created a removable smartphone cover mount.


  • 1/2 100gram pack of Sugru, approximately 50g
  • 1 flexible smartphone cover

Step 1

Bike handlebar stem wrapped in cling film

Wrap your bike's handlebar stem in plastic wrap. You can omit this step if you want your mount to stay on permanently.

Step 2

Ball of Sugru being held

Use approximately half a pack of 100g Sugru. Roll into 2 same sized balls.

Step 3

Sugru wrapped around handlebar stem

Use the first ball to cover up your bike's stem. Wrap it around, pressing it to stay in place. Don't wrap it all the way around or you won't be able to remove it later. Leave about a finger between the two sides.

Step 4

Smartphone case attached to Sugru

Roll the other ball into a Sugru 'finger' and press it on lengthwise along the top side of the handlebar's stem. Then press on your smartphone cover in place and smooth everything out with your fingers.

Step 5

Cured Sugru joined to back of phone case

Leave to cure overnight. Since we've used a lot of Sugru, remove the piece carefully and leave it to cure upside down for another day so that it cures completely through. Enjoy your GPS tracking apps!

PS: If you don't mind having it mounted permanently you could probably do it with 2 or 3 5g single-use foil packs.