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How to make a small tea strainer fit a big tea mug

Normal size tea strainer + big mug of tea = problem!

Ugly temporary fix: blue tack

Nice permanent fix: blue sugru - to keep the colour.

Make a sugru hook to extend the side of the strainer enough to reach the side of the mug. Ta-da! No more tea leaves in your tea!


  • Tea strainer
  • sugru
  • Big mug of tea (optional)

Step 1

Strainer on table

Clean the surface of the strainer - sugru always works best on a clean surface!

In this case the temporary fix was blue tack, which had to be removed completely and the strainer cleaned with soapy water

Step 2

Packet of Sugru and four balls of Sugru on a table with sellotape

Prepare the sugru by moulding it in your hands.

Separate a suitable amount and mould it into a ball

Make the ball into an oval and press into the side of the strainer

Shape into a hook-like form, to fit the side of the mug comfortably. I used a pen to roll the sugru into a hook

Step 3

Strainer placed on top of biscuit packet

Let it cure for 2 days or until ready

Note: the sugru was a bit soft in the beginning, so for the first hour it had to be hanging upside down so that the hook doesn't bend

Step 4

Mug with strainer and Sugru hook

Enjoy your tea with your enhanced new tea strainer