How to make an awesome contrast bracelet

Fashioning Sugru into a custom accessory. I used black and white because of the contrast. Use different Sugru colours, or even use Sugru custom colours

Check out how to colour mix Sugru and find just the colour you're after.


  • 2 single-use packs of Sugru (2 different colours)
  • 2 heavy books
  • Ruler (if you want a particular fit to your wrist)
  • Cling film

Step 1

Two long rolls of Sugru, one black, one white

Open the Sugru packs and roll each of the Sugru colours out to the desired length

Step 2

The two rolls of Sugru wrapped around each other

Twist both of the Sugru rolls together

Step 3

Sugru being flattened by two books being stood on

Sandwich the twisted Sugru between the cellophane sheets, then place between the two heavy books. Apply even pressure across the top...i.e. stand on them!

Step 4

Cellophane being pulled off flat Sugru

Quickly peel off the top cellophane layer

Step 5

Sugru bracelet inside plastic wrapping

Attach the ends and cut the cellophane so it can stand alone. Leave for 12-24 hours to set.

Step 6

Sugru bracelet being worn

And voila!

Try with multiple and different colours and let us know!