How to make an iPad cover from an old book and Sugru

Are you looking for an easy and creative way to make your own iPad case? This project guide is for you! With just 3 minipacks of Sugru you can turn an old book into an awesome handmade removable iPad cover in a few simple steps - check out our guide, get some Sugru and get started!

Including preparation and clean up, making this iPad cover will take about one hour, and after 24 hours curing time you have an individual and stylish case for your iPad that even works for theft prevention (see step 10!)

This project has been inspired by Mattia from Italy who made a Kindle cover from a book. We thought it was amazing! So we made a guide that works for all tablets so you can make one, too!


  • An old hardback book
  • 3 minipacks of Sugru
  • Clingfilm
  • Scissors
  • Scalpel
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Tissue paper

Step 1

Hardcover book next to iPad on table

You can use any hardcover book to make your iPad cover and you can find awesome ones in charity shops, at car boot sales or in your attic. To get the best fit, bring your tablet with you, just hold it up to the books to see which one works best.

TOP TIP: As well as getting the right size it is important to get the right thickness so that the book will close. The hooks add around 2cm to the thickness of the tablet so your book needs to be thick enough to contain both.

Step 2

Book pages being cut out with knife

Open the book at the front or back cover.

Push the covers apart to open up the space between the pages and the cover.

Cut down the join between the cover and the pages. Be careful too not cut too deep and damage the spine.

Repeat on the opposite cover.

Once the pages are removed, cut away any excess paper joined to the covers.

Step 3

Book spine being reinforced with Sugru

After cutting out the pages, to reinforce the spine and for a cleaner look, we added a thin layer of colour matched Sugru.

Simply spread the Sugru with your finger over the length of the spine.

(This step shows an example in a different colour, we got so excited that we made a few of these!)

Step 4

Cling film wrapped around iPad with masking tape

Before working on your hooks, wrap your tablet in cling film this prevents Sugru from bonding to your tablet

We added some masking tape to keep the cling film from moving around.

Step 5

Corner of iPad being marked on book cover with pencil

To make sure you add the hooks in the right places, make a small mark on each corner of the book where you want your tablet to be located.

Step 6

Sugru pads at corners of book cover

To create the hooks it is best to do it in two parts. The first add a little Sugru dot at the points where you want your hooks to sit to ensure a good bond with the paper.

Step 7

Sugru hooks made at book corners

For the second part, to make the hooks, divide the remaining Sugru into 4 equally sized balls and roll them into little sausages.

For each corner, press the bottom of each sausage into the Sugru base you have already applied.

Bend the top of the sausage out from the book in each corner.

Step 8

iPad pushed into Sugru hooks

Once each sausage is in place, position your tablet inside the book.

Bend the sausage over to form the hook.

Leave to cure for 24 hours.

Step 9

Sugru hooks moulded over iPad

After 24 hours, simply lift up the tops and remove your tablet. The Sugru should quite easily come free from the cling-film, if a few pieces remain simply peel them off.

Your iPad cover is now ready to go!

Step 10

Bookshelf with books

Now not only do you have an awesome cover for your tablet, you can also keep it safe and hidden in your bookshelf. Woop. Sneaky sneaky! :)