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How to make any toy LEGO compatible!

Kids love lego. But sometimes their imaginations are just too vast to be limited to that world of bricks!

With just a little bit of sugru you can bring a whole new element to your child's playtime and incorporate all their favourite toys into the lego world.

Take note: Unlike LEGO, sugru isn't a toy. While it's still soft and squidgy, sugru is for grownups, not kids, so keep it away from those little guys. Once sugru has had time to cure, it's safe for everyone.


  • Lego (a range of flat pieces are best, from single studs to much larger bits)
  • Scissors
  • Toilet/Tissue paper
  • sugru!

Step 1

Lego block with Sugru attached next to a toy dinosaur

Make a sausage of sugru the same length as your lego brick (in this photo we have colour mixed the sugru to match the dinosaur)

Mould the sugru into a pyramid shape with your fingers for a great bond in the next step.

Step 2

Lego block being attached to toy dinosaur with Sugru

Press the sugru and lego onto the toy firmly making sure you get a good bond.

Step 3

Excess Sugru being pressed in around the edges

Gently press the sugru around the edges to get a nice surface finish.

Leave it to cure overnight.

Step 4

Toy dinosaur with many Lego attachments held on with Sugru

Once cured, you can add more lego and sugru to your toys and get playing! Have fun!