How to make beautiful hooks from twigs and Sugru

Pots, pans, tea towels, hats, coats or bags, whatever it is we all have stuff that needs hanging up out of the way. So we created this guide to help you make your own beautiful hooks using twigs and Sugru.


  • Some strong twigs
  • Sugru (1 single-use foil pack per twig)

Step 1

Four twigs on table

Go to your local woods, the end of your garden or if you live near the coast you could find some beautiful drift wood.

Collect lots of twigs, big and small and take them home, you could be surprised with what you end up using.

Step 2

Twig snapped in two

Snap your twigs to size (this leaves a lovely natural break).

You could make a shallow cut into the twig to ensure you get a break where you want it.

Think about what you want to hang and what kind of hook would best suit that.

Step 3

Twigs being positioned on wall

Offer your twigs up to the wall as a quick test. Once you have one you are happy with, mark the wall where the Sugru will be needed.

If the wall is dusty or dirty, give it a wash and let it dry.

Step 4

Multicoloured ball of Sugru being held

Use our handy Sugru colour mixing chart to find the perfect colour for your project.

Step 5

Sugru being applied to wall

Divide one pack into two pieces, roughly one third and two thirds.

Press the smaller piece of Sugru onto the wall creating a compact pyramid of Sugru. It is important that you press the Sugru repeatedly onto the wall (15-20 times) so that the Sugru has the best possible grip - but careful not to spread it out.

Step 6

Sugru wrapped around twig

Roll the rest of Sugru into a sausage and wrap this around the twig at the point of contact with the wall.

Press the Sugru gently and repeatedly until you are happy with the shape.

Step 7

Twig and Sugru being attached to wall

Press the Sugru on the twig onto the Sugru on the wall gently but firmly.

Once the twig is fixed to the wall, you can blend the Sugru until it looks the way you want it.

Step 8

Dish cloth being hung from hook

Leave the Sugru to cure overnight then your new hook is ready for a life of service :)