How to make bouncy sugru bumpers for your phone!

Stop your precious phone getting scratched, chipped and cracked with these super simple sugru bumpers!

sugru is great for this because:

- it is hard wearing and durable

- it's bouncy!

- it bonds really well to your phone


  • 1 minipack of sugru
  • Your glossy phone
  • Tissue/toilet paper
  • Scissors
  • A glass or jar

Step 1

make your iPhone 4S bouncy with Sugru


Look at this video we made to show you the benefits of using sugru bumpers on your phone!

Step 2

iPhone corners being cleaned with tissue

First off, give your phone a good wipe with toilet/tissue paper. Sugru bonds really well if all is well and clean!

Step 3

Yellow Sugru pad moulded onto phone corner

Cut open your minipack of sugru, knead it in your fingers for 30 seconds and tear the sugru into 4 smaller pieces.

Next roll the small pieces into small sausage shapes.

Press the sausages onto each corner (be careful not to cover the buttons, speakers or camera lens)

Then fold the sugru over onto the glass on the front and back of the phone.

Step 4

iPhone with four Sugru bumpers on corners

4 pieces of sugru on 4 corners...

Step 5

Sugru bumpers smoothed over with finger

Once the sugru is in place, get the shape right - gently touch the sugru repeatedly to tweak the shape, don't panic, you have plenty of time.

Rub your finger gently over the sugru to give it a smooth finish!

Step 6

iPhone with Sugru bumpers on jar

When you're happy, leave the sugru to cure overnight - place it on a jar or glass so that the sugru doesn't touch any other surfaces!

Step 7

iPhone with yellow Sugru bumpers

The next morning and your sugru has cured to a lovely silicone rubber! Woohoo!

Top Tip: If you for some strange reason want to take your sugru bumpers off, you can do very easily - Carefully tear the sugru off your phone. There will be some residue left, but simply scrape it off with your fingernail and wipe it clean with a cloth.