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How to make coat hangers grippy

The humble coat hanger. Didn't think you could improve it? Think again.

2 blobs of sugru can transform your coat hangers to make them even more functional. Perfect for strap tops, dresses and vests, this hack stops your clothes from falling on the floor when they are hung up.

sugru is great for this because:

- its soft touch and grippy

- it sticks brilliantly to coat hangers

- it doesn't have sharp edges so can't rip/tear your clothes


  • Your coat hanger/clothes hanger
  • 1 minipack of sugru
  • Scissors

Step 1

Dress hanging from hangar being held by Sugru

First off, we are indebted to @vres1800 for this simple and effective use of sugru. Thank you for getting in touch and sharing your photo - we loved it so much that we thought we would make a guide for others. Go Vres1800!

Let's get started!

Step 2

Sugru pads being held

Cut open your mini pack of sugru along the dotted lines, peel open the pack and knead the sugru in your hands for around 30 seconds.

Next split the 5g of sugru into 2 equal parts.

Step 3

Two rolls of Sugru in hand

Roll them into fat stubby sausages.

Step 4

Sugru pads being pressed onto hangar with finger

Press them onto the coat hanger, roughly a quarter of the way up the hanger. Place the sausage so that it goes over the front and the back so your clothes have extra security.

For an extra smooth finish, gently roll your finger over the surface to get rid of any fingerprints.

Step 5

Sugru roll on hangar

Do the same on the other arm of your coat hanger.

Step 6

Hangar being held with Sugru applied

Look! There they are!

Step 7

Hangar being hung from pole with Sugru hooks applied

To leave the sugru to cure, hang your hanger up so that the sugru isn't touching anything. (we've done it here on a pole, but the edge of a table will work just as well!)

24 hours later and your hangers are ready for action! Woohoo! Happy hanging!