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How to make coin cufflinks

Cufflinks are wonderful little things to fasten a cuff. If your shirt allows for their use, why not use a pair of unique and quirky cufflinks, made with coins? Better yet, use coins from abroad as a constant reminder of your travels!


  • Two coins (small ones)
  • Two small buttons (make sure these fit through your cuff relatively easily)
  • Sugru

Step 1

Packet of Sugru next to two five pence coins, plastic cufflinks and small buttons

The kit you'll need!

The small white 'cufflinks' at the bottom were the cheap ones that came with my shirt, and were the inspiration for this little project!

Step 2

Small ball of Sugru being held

Roll two pea sized balls of Sugru.

Step 3

Coin with pyramid of Sugru applied

Press the pea-sized Sugru onto your coin, and with your fingers, form it into a cone shape. Whilst you're pressing, avoid pressing the Sugru over the edge of the coin, as that will show up when you're wearing the cufflinks!

Step 4

Screwdriver used to shape Sugru

You'll need to create the centre shaft. I found it quite hard to roll the Sugru between two fingers to create a shaft so I used a small screwdriver to help me gather the Sugru into a shaft.

Step 5

Sugru being shaped and smoothed with fingers

After gathering the Sugru for the shaft, I used my fingers to roll the shaft and make it smooth & centred.

Step 6

Button applied to Sugru on coin

This is the tricky bit - press the button (face up) onto the shaft, and then ensure as much of the back of the button is covered in Sugru.

You should end up with a lopsided dumbell shape when you're done.

Step 7

Two finished Sugru cufflinks

Repeat steps 3-6 for your other cufflink.

Then leave to dry for 24 hours.

Step 8

Sugru cufflinks displayed on shirt

Wear your new cufflinks with pride!