How to make pretty sugru bumpers for your iPhone 5

Stop your precious phone getting scratched, chipped and cracked with these super stylish sugru bumpers! - They look rather like cute raspberries don't you think?

sugru is great for this because:

- it is hard wearing and durable

- it's bouncy!

- it bonds really well to your phone


  • 1 minipack of sugru
  • Your shiny mobile phone
  • Tissue/toilet paper
  • Scissors
  • A glass or Jar

Step 1

make your iPhone 4S bouncy with Sugru


Look at this video we made to show you the benefits of using sugru bumpers on your phone!

Step 2

Phone edges wiped clean with tissue paper

First off, give your phone a good wipe with a tissue or toilet paper. Sugru bonds really well if all is well and clean!

Step 3

Small ball of Sugru in hand next to phone

Cut open your minipack of sugru and knead it in your fingers for 30 seconds.

Divide the minipack into 4 equal parts - one part for each corner.

Get a teeny tiny blob of sugru and roll it into a ball.

Step 4

Ball of Sugru applied to phone corner

Press this little ball onto the corners of your phone.

Step 5

Balls of Sugru applied together to corners of phone

Keep repeating this, making sure you cover all the corners on the back and the front with your spots of sugru.

Don't worry if they squish and squash down - this will help adhesion.

Step 6

iPhone with corners covered in balls of Sugru with more being applied by hand

Cover all 4 corners of your phone.

Be careful not to cover your camera or any other vital parts of your phone!

Use your fingernail to push sugru away from those important places!

Step 7

Sugru bumpers on phone being held by a glass

When you're happy, leave the sugru to cure overnight - place it on a glass or jar so that the sugru doesn't touch any other surfaces!

Step 8

All four corners of iPhone covered with Sugru bumpers

The next morning and your sugru has cured to a lovely silicone rubber! Woohoo!

Top Tip: If you for some strange reason want to take your stylish sugru bumpers off, you can do very easily - just carefully tear the sugru off your phone. There will be some residue left, but simply scrape it off with your fingernail and wipe it clean with a cloth.