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How to make Tac-2 joysticks into coat hangers

Why not use your old Tac-2 joysticks as coat hangers? This is a pretty simple operation, I just used one single-use pack of Sugru per joystick, and used duct tape to hold the joystick in place while the Sugru set.


  • Sugru
  • Tac-2 joysticks (or other joysticks)
  • Duct tape

Step 1

Sugru holding Tac-2 joysticks on wall

Use one single-use pack of Sugru per joystick, and make sure you apply it at the top. Otherwise the weight won't be optimally distributed when hanging heavy clothes.

Step 2

Tac-2 joysticks on wall next to door

Do something nice with the cables. My solution was, as you can see, a pretty fast and simple one. Once again I used duct tape to hold everything up while the Sugru set.

Step 3

Coat being hung from joysticks

All done! I was worried that the Sugru would break when hanging heavy clothes, but so far it's solid as a rock! No matter how much my jacket weighs, the Sugru seems to be under minimal stress.