How to make winter socks grippier

Woolly socks are lovely but slipping on a slippery floor isn't. Make your winter socks grippy by adding little Sugru pads to the soles.


  • 1 pack white Sugru
  • 1 pack blue Sugru
  • 1 pack yellow Sugru
  • A little washing up liquid
  • A nice pair of woolly socks.

Step 1

Sugru pressed into wool socks

First: mix a single-use foil pack of blue Sugru and one of white Sugru, then add about a third of a yellow pack, to get the charming teal colour you see here.

Then I smush very small balls of Sugru right into the fabric, making sure it bonds with all the fibres, blending it into a circular patch.

Step 2

Sugru pads smoothed over with soapy water

It'll look a bit messy to start out with, but then you can add layers and use a little soapy water to make it smooth. You can even get a scalpel out and trim round the edges if you like (but they are just going on the bottom of your feet).

I would advise placing the Sugru dots directly where your toes would be, rather than in-between, as that proves to be a little uncomfortable (I pulled one off and re-did it because of this).

Step 3

Sugru in the shape of a seal on top of a monitor

And if you have leftovers, you can put it to good use by making a teal seal like the one shown here!