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How to make your own bedside iPad stand

I enjoy watching entertainment programmes on BBC iPlayer in bed before going to sleep. But I just hate holding the iPad for such a long time. There have been a few disagreements between me and my wife as to who would hold the iPad.

I searched the internet for an iPad-stand to solve this problem.
Unfortunately, there were only a few available on the market. But these were bulky, expensive and had to be ordered from across the pond (USA).

So, I decided to make my own. It had to be inexpensive, sturdy and reliable, made from easily available parts. The idea came in the form of an old Anglepoise lamp that was gathering dust. This lamp also had a table clamp which was put to good use.


  • An old iPad backcover.
  • An old Anglepoise/ retro style table lamp.
  • A desk clamp (mine came with the lamp).
  • Spanner and screwdriver to remove/ tighten nuts and bolts.
  • A single-use foil pack of Sugru.

Step 1

Dismantled lamp

Firstly, separate the 'head' part (the lamp shade) and wiring from the 'arm' part of the lamp by removing the screws holding them together. We only need the arm part of the lamp. The lamp shade and wiring can either be discarded or put to some other good use.

Step 2

Labelled lamp parts on floor

Now, we need to concentrate on the 'shade joint' - the rotating bit that was previously attached to the lamp shade. We need to attach this to the back of the iPad cover.

Step 3

Labelled Sugru and lamp shade arm

Cut open a fresh pack of Sugru. Knead it thoroughly between your fingers to get a soft dough like consistency. Attach the plate of the rotating joint to the back of the iPad cover using Sugru. Let it cure for about 24 to 48 hours. I used a packet of white Sugru as it seemed a perfect match to the iPad cover.

Step 4

Lamp arm joined to iPad, lamp head next to stand

This is how it looks. Removing the lamp shade and wiring and attaching the arm of the lamp to the back of the iPad cover using Sugru.

Step 5

lamp stand clamp attached to bed

Next, attach the table clamp to the head board of the bed and slot the 'arm' of the lamp into it.

Step 6

Lamp stand holding iPad

Then, tighten the nuts on the arms so the iPad stand can withhold the weight of the iPad.

You can now place the iPad back into its cover and enjoy pain-free entertainment!