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How to make your own prescription snorkeling mask

Always wanted to check out the mermaids but can't see beyond your own nose without your glasses? Then this is the guide for you!


  • Snorkeling mask
  • Old prescription glasses
  • A screwdriver to unscrew the arms from the glasses
  • Little round stickers, can be cut from the sticky end of a post it
  • A buddy to help you
  • Sugru

Step 1

Snorkeling masks with yellow stickers at centre of eyes.

Buy a nice snorkeling mask. Put it on and let your buddy stick the little stickers on the center of your eyes, this will help you align the glasses.

Step 2

Prescription glasses with yellow stickers

Let your buddy stick some stickers on your glasses while you wear them. Take them of and now stick some stickers on the inside of glasses, then remove the stickers from the front of the glasses, this is very important! Otherwise you'll have a neat mask with fancy dots in the middle.

Step 3

Prescription glasses disassembled

Unscrew the arms from the glasses and put them aside, we don't need them anymore.

Step 4

Glasses placed inside goggles and stickers lined up

Align the glasses in the mask to see if it fits. If they don't because the frame is to big, DON'T PANIC! Just unscrew and pop the glasses from the frame. You can stick them to the mask directly with some Sugru.

Step 5

Sugru used to fix glasses in goggles

Clean both the mask and the glasses, we don't want any greasy fingerprints on the inside. Place two little dots of Sugru on the inside of the mask and stick the glasses in. Put it on to see if it fits correctly.

Remove the stickers and leave Sugru to cure.

Step 6

Goggles and glasses being worn

Book a nice holiday to the sea, you've earned it.