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How to make your shoes more comfortable

A super easy way to fix problems with uncomfortable shoes, covering stitching, hard edges and building up and improving the fit. Sugru comes in a number of colours but you can also mix the colours to create a specific shade. This is super useful when you want to fix your favourite shoes in the most discreet way possible.


  • Shoes
  • Scissors
  • 1 minipack of sugru (we used three to mix the exact colour)
  • Soapy water
  • Tissue Paper

Step 1

Different colours of Sugru being mixed together

Cut open your packs of sugru by following the dotted lines. I decided to use 50 % red, 30% yellow and 20% black. Take the percentage amounts of the minipacks and mix them together in your fingers until the colour is solid throughout. When mixing sugru colours, your fingers can become very sticky. Use dry tissue paper to clean excess sugru off your finger tips.

Step 2

Base layer of Sugru being applied to shoe

To ensure the sugru gets a strong bond with the material, first create a base layer. Tear a pea-sized amount from your ball and smudge this into the affected area. Using your finger tips, pat it into the shoe.

Step 3

Sugru pad in shoe

Take some more sugru (again, probably about a pea-sized ball) and smooth out to the desired shape. Cover up the stitching, hard edge or mould the lining to fit your feet. Make sure the edges are pressed down flat.

Step 4

Soapy water on finger used to smooth over Sugru

Now your sugru has fixed the problem, we just need to shape it to your foot. Soapy water is sugru's release agent, which means things won't stick! Cover the surface of the sugru and your feet with a little soapy water.

Step 5

Shoe with Sugru fix being worn

Press your foot into the shoe and give it a bit of a wiggle, press the outside where the sugru is as well. This will mean it is moulded exactly around your feet. Now leave the shoes overnight for the sugru to cure. In the morning the sugru will have cured into a flexible, soft-touch silicone! It will be permanently stuck on to the sore area, protecting your feet from nasty blisters.