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How to repair a car wing mirror

This guide will show you how to fix a broken car wing mirror. sugru will create a strong bond to rejoin the broken surfaces and cover those cracks. Because sugru is water and heat resistant, it is fully weather proof and perfect for fixing any area of your broken vehicle. Saving you an expensive trip to the mechanics!


  • a cracked wing mirror
  • 1 minipack of black sugru
  • soapy water
  • toilet/tissue paper

Step 1

Sugru used to cover crack in mirror casing

Ensure the broken surface area is clean and that the crack is pushed closely together. Roll your sugru into a sausage shaped strip and place it over the length of the crack. If you find that the sugru sticks to your fingers, use some tissue paper to rub it off.

Step 2

Sugru edges smoothed over with finger

After placing the sugru over the crack, smooth out the edges with your finger. sugru bonds most securely when you are unable to see a shadow where the sugru and the plastic meet.

Step 3

Soapy water used to smooth over Sugru lining with finger

For a smooth finish, use soapy water on your finger when rubbing the sugru.

Step 4

Wing mirror with sealed crack

Leave your fixed wing mirror to cure for 24 hours, and your repair is complete!