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How to replace hooks with Sugru + magnets

There are two sides to everything, shelves are no exception.

For most of us keeping things organised can feel like a constant battle. Declutter your space with this simple idea.

This hack will save you a few seconds, a few times a day, and oh man are those few seconds satisfying!

Buy a Sugru + magnet kit and you'll be able to attach anything to anything!


  • x2 single-use foil packs of sugru
  • x4 strong neodymium magnets (we used one of our Sugru + magnets kits)
  • A shelf
  • oh and keep a pencil handy

Step 1

Shelf surface, marked with a pencil

If you can, take down the shelf you are attaching magnets to. It will make mounting the magnets a lot easier.

Use a pencil to mark where you want to position your magnets

Step 2

Small ball of Sugru flattened on shelf

Top Tip: Make sure the surface you are applying the Sugru to is clean.

At first it may appear Sugru will not stick to some porous surfaces, oh but it will… let us explain. To bond Sugru to porous materials like wood, build a small base layer of Sugru first.

Top Tip: Sugru bonds great to itself, so it's easy to build up the base layer one little piece at a time.

Smudge a pea sized piece into the wood with your finger, and make sure you get a good bond. Repeat this until you have a Sugru smudge just a little bigger than the magnet you are attaching.

Video Tip: Applying Sugru to rough and porous materials [51 seconds]

Step 3

Magnet with pyramid of Sugru held on shelf

Now you need to build a pyramid. Using the rest of the pack, squidge a sausage of Sugru onto the back of the magnet and press it into a pyramid shape.

Step 4

Magnet and Sugru pressed onto shelf

Now this is the fun part...

Carefully and firmly press the magnet onto the shelf, so that Sugru squeezes out around the edge of the magnet.

Enjoy that moment, it's sooo satisfying :)

Step 5

Excess Sugru pressed into place

Press the Sugru in around the magnet, ensuring there is a good bond.

Step 6

Excess Sugru moulded to keep magnet in place

Gently rub the Sugru with your finger to smooth it and leave for 24 hours to fully cure.

When your shelf is back up, it's ready to defy gravity.

Top Tip: use a little soapy water on your finger to get a really smooth Sugru finish.

Video Tip: How to make your Sugru fixes look awesome [1min 49 seconds]

Step 7

Different items hanging from shelf by magnets and Sugru

Make anything magnetic... but be careful...you might get carried away! :)

Want to hang something that isn't magnetic under your shelf? Maybe your umbrella? Or a bike helmet? Sugru + magnets let you attach anything to anything.

It's simple, just repeat steps 3 - 6 to mount the opposing magnet on these objects.

Just don't forget to make sure the opposite side of this magnet is facing outwards so it snaps together.

Top Tip: If you have ever worked with magnets, you will know that they can be tricky to handle without knowing which sides attract. We designed the Sugru + magnets kit to be super simple to use, so we put a small dimple on the north pole of each magnet. Just make sure one magnet is smooth and the other has a little dimple!

Enjoy those saved seconds!