Hang your speakers anywhere

At last, summer is here! What's better than chilling at the park or the beach, enjoying the sun with good friends and good music?

For listening to your tunes while you're out and about, Bluetooth speakers have changed the game. But sometimes, the sound isn't as good as you hoped simply because you have to set your speakers on the ground.

By adding Sugru + Magnets, you can hang your speakers anywhere, making your music sound better. Check out our video:

Tools to improve your speaker:

- a tied cord
- a Sugru + Magnet kit (we'll use a single use pack + 2 magnets for this project)
- your speaker (hum... of course)
- and... that's it!

Let's see how it's done.

Step 1: Take half of your Sugru and stick it to the magnet in a cone shape

Step 2: Stick the magnet to your speaker and smooth the Sugru around it

Step 3: Split the Sugru you have left in two little balls; stick one of them to the other magnet and stick the cord to it

Step 4: Cover the cord with the other ball of Sugru and shape it to make sure the cord is well wrapped in Sugru

Step 5: Leave it all to cure for 24 hours, and that's it! Now, hang the cord on your beach umbrella...

or inside your tent...

and even around a tree branch!

Now you can enjoy your music everywhere!