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Joanne and her Yukon River Race adventure

So let's pick up on the story of Joanne, our first ever sponsorship - and tell you more about her upcoming adventure and why we think she is so awesome! (psst - if you haven't heard of Joanne yet, have a quick look here).

Over the last 4 weeks, Joanne has sent us hours of footage that has been an honour to watch, we are now starting to edit her story into a short video, so you get to share her journey too :)

Joanne isn't the type of person to shy away from a challenge.

"Being born with no fingers on my left hand has made me more determined to show people that anything is possible when you put your mind to it."

And in less than a week, together with her friend Andrea who first introduced her to sugru, will be taking on the mighty Yukon River Race - an ultra marathon canoe race that's 715km long. That's further than London to Edinburgh… in a canoe… with rapids thrown in… oh and they race day and night. Starting to get the picture?!

It's held at the summer solstice in Northern Canada, when the sun never truly sets. The race challenges paddlers in a world class wilderness event and race day and night to the midnight sun!

So what on earth inspired Joanne to want attempt something like this? Well actually it was her super cool mum, Janet and her sister, Jamie! They completed the race to celebrate Janet's 60th birthday!! There must be something special in this family.

Right now Joanne and Andrea are on their way up to the Yukon, for a week of training runs, safety meetings and going through all their gear.

Stay tuned for more in the next couple of days. In the meantime follow Joanne on twitter and wish her luck!

The race starts Wednesday 26 June!