Keep your pen and notebook together

This is one for all you notebook lovers. Whether you're a scribbler, an artist, a writer or a student heading back to school, we all need to keep our stationery handy.

With this project, you'll never have to scramble around in your bag for a pen again. Watch this video for a quirky way to keep your pen and notebook together with Sugru.

Sugru is ideal for this project because it's both flexible and grippy. Whether you're keeping a pen with your notebook or a pencil with your sketchbook, your Sugru spiral will adapt to size and hold firmly.

You can create two notebook pen holders from one single-use pack of Sugru. Need to stock up on Sugru? Head over to our online shop!

Step 1 – Divide your Sugru in two. Douse one piece in soapy water.

Step 2 – Roll your Sugru into a snake and flatten with one finger.

Step 3 – Roll your flattened Sugru gently into a spiral and leave to set.

Top tip: Ensuring an even distribution of soapy water will prevent your Sugru from sticking to itself!

In 24 hours, your Sugru pen holder will be ready to attach to your notebook – after that, all you need to add is your favourite pen!

Only need the one Sugru pen holder? Check out our Back to School page for loads more ideas for your leftover Sugru.

Adapting and improving your stuff makes it truly yours. Take pride in your tools and you'll take pride in your work! Head over here for more ideas and inspiration for making the most of your stationery.

More ways to adapt your stationery

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2. Make your stationery more awesome

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