Add fittings in your bathroom without a drill

In your bathroom small changes can make a big difference and help to refresh the whole room. But bathroom DIY can be tricky, especially when drills are involved. Attaching fittings where you want them is either permanent or impossible (and a big no-no if you're renting).

With Sugru you are free to experiment without the worry! So ditch the chrome, get creative and improve your bathroom your way.

It's this easy!

If you think about it almost anything can be a hook. Here's we've used a piece of coral our James found washed up on the beach! Once you've found something to use as your hook, this is just a 5-10min project:

Step 1 — Open a single use pack of Sugru and roll it into a ball in your hands

Step 2 — Stick it onto the back of your hook and shape it into a pyramid

Step 3 — Press it on Sugru first (make sure to dry the surface first)

24 hours later it's ready to use but you'll already be planning the next project by then, because the shower is just the beginning. Where else could you do with a handy hook in the bathroom? On the back of the door for your bathrobe, next to the sink for your towel?

Clever little improvements like this can be useful all over your home. So why stop at the bathroom? Head over to our DIY and Home section for loads more project ideas and inspiration!