Make a DIY pencil sharpener pot

You're never too old to enjoy that "back to school" feeling! There's a secret pleasure we all take in stationery – from unique pencils to customised notebooks and everything in between.

Watch this video for a great way to keep your pencil shavings under control with your very own personal pencil sharpener pot.

Whether you're a geeky grown-up embracing your love of stationery or just getting the kids ready for the start of term, you'll be one step closer to achieving organised nirvana with this idea.

Power to the handy people! Sugru is ideal for this project because it bonds well to metal, glass and most plastics.

To make your pencil sharpener pot, you'll only need 1 quarter of a single-use pack. Need to stock up on Sugru? Head over to our online shop.

Step 1 – Divide your Sugru in 4.

Step 2 – Take 1 piece, roll it into a ball and press it against the back of your pencil sharpener.

Step 3 – Press your pencil sharpener against the inside of the jar, ensuring you can still close the lid. Clear any excess Sugru with your finger and smooth over.

In 24 hours, loose pencil shavings will be no more – you'll have your very own unique pencil sharpener pot to keep your desk tidy!

Top tip: As you only need 1 quarter of a single-use pack, we recommend lining up several projects to make the most of your Sugru. Head over here for more ideas.

We've stuck our pencil sharpener inside a jar so we can keep it on our desk, but you could put your sharpener anywhere, like the inside of your rubbish bin.

Saving your desk from pencil shavings is just the beginning! Keep reading for loads more ideas to make your work easier.

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