Make a fix kit easier to carry


Marathon des Sables is a multi-day self supported stage running race, covering 250km in 6 days. Keeping things light is important, keeping things fixed is even more important. As well as one sachet of sugru the fix kit I'm taking has gaffer tape and a needle and thread.

I don't want a needle jabbing me in the back, nor getting lost, so I thought I'd sort both things out in one sugru hack.

I flattened a piece of sugru into a rectangle, moulded it around a cocktail stick and then made sure the cocktail was free to be removed. I trimmed the length to be a little longer than gaffa tape width.

When cured the gap down the middle will be perfect for a needle. I'll wrap gaffa around the outside and then the thread I need over the top of that. Total additional weight is about 3g.

I'm happy with that!

Ash, UK