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Make a LEGO key & cable holder


* Update: This brilliant discovery has been so popular that we created a little video to celebrate! We've also made a step by step guide so you can make your own.

Did you know that LEGO figures are the perfect match to the apple lightning cable? Actually it fits a lot more cable types. Since I discovered this by accident it’s my way of organizing things @ and around my desk. The picture shows my prototype version of a combined key and cable holder. I love it, since it’s not just putting things were they belong but for their flexibility and the sight of the beloved LEGO pieces.

That’s what you need to do:

sugru a LEGO brick or plate, whatever size you like, to your desk, wall, LCD, car… Attach a LEGO figure to it Attach a LEGO brick to your key ring Attach your keys to the plate Place a box with your favorite LEGO minifigures in the drawer and exchange them whenever you like depending on your mood. For me it’s also working as an presence indicator, e.g. I’m using a special figure while I’m off in a meeting. My colleagues got used to it and know what’s going on.

It’s not just that sugru loves LEGO – LEGO loves sugru too. Sounds like a never ending lovestory!

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