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Make multicoloured jewellery beads


Who said sugru couldn't look pretty? - it's such great stuff and so beautiful in its own way. The best things happen by accident and not just thinking about it. Same with me & sugru. I just received the fresh sugru pack with the new lovely colours - but as there's no colour-mixing overview now, I took them all and mixed them into blobs. As I did this, I wondered what to do with them when readily mixed. My mobile already had some ruggedized edges and it wouldn't stick to the textile I had been puzzling about, etc. So, with a knitting needle at hand, I just started to make some holes in it to thread the samples up. And voila: beads! I threaded them up on a necklace during the curing process, and this morning they are ready to go :) I'm now the proud owner of my very own sugru colour samples necklace with the colour shadings always at hand. Antenne, Berlin.