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How to stop stove grates from slipping

Cooking on our stove used to be frustrating and occasionally painful. The grates on the gas stove would slip out of place at the slightest pressure, always toward the back of the stove. I would regularly hear Chef Freddy cursing the escaping grates in quite a shocking manner.


  • sugru
  • Unpredictable stove grates

Step 1

Sugru pads applied to edges of stove

After cleaning the stove thoroughly with soap and water and then some alcohol in the area of application, I used a small amount of sugru to create simple bumpers to stop the runaway grates.

Step 2

Sugru applied to edge of stove

I angled the bumpers toward the grate so that they would have a fairly flat, 90 degree surface against the side of the grate and prevent the grate from slipping over the bumper. The bumpers do not sit right against the grate but about 1/8 of an inch from it to allow for easy removal.

Step 3

Stove plates placed back on stove

The level of kitchen cursing is much abated. And the result does not look bad at all!