How to texturise with Sugru

Texturing is a fun and easy way to make any hack with Sugru Mouldable Glue look gorgeous. Plus it's very forgiving, so you don't have to sweat the details. 😉

Take a look at these great examples that you can try! 

1. Brush bristle

Sugru ball with textured surface

This brilliant technique can be done by tapping an interdental brush into the surface of the Sugru.

2. Pen tip

Sugru ball with patterns made from indenting a pen tip

This one's a classic. Simply push your pen tip lightly into the Sugru surface to achieve this finish.

3. Knife edge

Sugru with knife edge texturing

Texturing the Sugru with a knife edge gives it an almost string-like effect. Very cool. 😎

4. Bottle cap

Sugru roll with bottle cap texturing and bottle cap

Bottle cap edges can produce a really interesting pattern when rolled across Sugru.

5. Walnut shell

Sugru next to a walnut

This one's another brilliant look. Achieved by pressing a walnut shell into the surface.

6. Another knife trick

Knife being used to texture Sugru

Use a rounded butter knife tip to create an inverted scale-like texture, but a serrated edge works exceptionally well too. The deeper the serration, the coarser the effect.

7. Fruit peel

Sugru ball next to orange

Sometimes nature provides the best textures for grip. This is what you can do by rolling a clementine across Sugru.

8. Spiky Sugru

Cocktail strainer next to ball of Sugru

Who knew a cocktail strainer can make Sugru look like a hedgehog? 

Thanks to cultureofone for some of these texture ideas.

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