How to: Sugru texturing techniques

Texturing is a great way to make a hack look more slick. It is very forgiving and can transform a clumsy hack into a pro hack. Here are some examples for you to try.


  • A variety of different tools

Step 1

Sugru ball with textured surface

Brush bristle texturing using an interdental brush, it works great. This was invented by Tom.

Step 2

Sugru ball with patterns made from indenting a pen tip

Pen tip texturing. This is a classic and super simple

Step 3

Sugru with knife edge texturing

Knife edge texturing, which looks like it's made from string. Jane is to thank for this one.

Step 4

Sugru roll with bottle cap texturing and bottle cap

Bottle cap edges can provide a really neat effect when rolled across sugru. Here is a beer bottle cap, rolled straight.

Step 5

Sugru next to a walnut

Get this effect from using shells of walnuts.

Step 6

Knife being used to texture Sugru

Use a rounded butter knife tip to create an inverted scale-like texture, but a serrated edge works exceptionally well too. The deeper the serration, the coarser the effect.

Step 7

Sugru ball next to orange

Sometimes nature provides the best textures for grip. This is what you can do by rolling a clementine across sugru.

Step 8

Cocktail strainer next to ball of Sugru

Cocktail Strainer that looks like a hedgehog! Thanks to cultureofone for some of these texture ideas.