Customise & Hack Your Shoes with Sugru.

Sugru is soft and malleable, but it’s also durable and waterproof enough to last outdoors. Since it turns into rubber after it’s cured, it’s perfect for fixing and protecting your shoes. 

But why stop with something functional? Half the fun of fixing is adding your own style to the things you own. To personalise your shoes, all you need is some Sugru, a piece of tracing paper, some tape, a rolling pin and (most importantly) your imagination.  

Plan Your Design

There’s a range of options available to you at this stage, and they require pause for thought: Do you want your design to blend in or stand out? Do you want it to match or contrast? Do you want one colour or several?

We’ll stop before we blow your mind, but you get the idea.

Arrange Your Design

Once you’ve picked the colour (or colours), roll them into little balls to prepare them for application. 

If you’ve chosen to go for multi-colour, at this stage you may want to think about how you’d like this to appear on the shoe. If you’d like a design such as a flower, place the balls in that shape. If you’d like a coloured patchwork, keep them scrambled. If you’d like a pattern of colours, line them in an order such as ‘orange ball, yellow ball, red ball, orange ball…’ You get the picture. 

Trace the Sugru

Now it’s time to grab your tracing paper. Put one layer underneath, and one layer over the Sugru balls.

Roll the Sugru

As shown in the videos, roll the sugru balls flat with your pin over the top of the tracing paper and then peel the top layer of the tracing paper off carefully.

Tape the Shoe

Before you apply the Sugru to the shoe, tape it first if you want to prevent the Sugru sticking too far along, or onto the fabric areas. 

Apply the Sugru

Bring the tracing paper over the rubber section of your shoe and firmly press down again with a flat hand. After a good patting down, slowly and carefully peel back the tracing paper. For extra awesomeness, you may want to dip your finger into some warm soapy water at this stage, and rub it over the Sugru to give it a firm, shiny and flat finish. 

Wait 24 Hours

We know you’ll be excited to put on your new dancing shoes, but you can’t just yet. Once you’ve taken away the masking taped areas, to reveal a neat and compact design, 24 hours of waiting is required for the Sugru to cure into a flexible rubber. Perfect for happy feet. 

The potential for customised Shoegru hacks has got us excited here at Sugru, because shoes are worn by everyone, and everyone is different. That means there are endless design possibilities. For your chance to win HEAPS of free Sugru, why not share a photo with us using  #mysugrufix on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter