Guest Project: Fall for DIY


A fan of DIY projects that are both beautiful and useful, the insanely creative Fran from Fall for DIY has a penchant for making things that serve a purpose and look great. These little boxes are super easy (and fun) to make, and are ideal for gifting, storing stationary or even jewellery. Good thinking, Fran! We love them. Scroll down for her step by step guide. 

Step 1 - Gather Materials & Prep

You’ll need small wooden boxes, 40mm wooden beads, Create and Craft Kit, some spray paint and sandpaper. Sand down the corners on the lid of your box to give them a more cohesive look with the sphere balancing on top.

Step 2 - Stick & Shape it

Open up the packet of Sugru, break a little of and plug the hole on one side of the bead. Smooth it over with your finger. If you’re spraying the whole box the same colour cover the other hole with a pea sized piece of Sugru and press down onto the box. 

Step 3 - Leave for 24 hrs & paint

Leave this overnight, and the Sugru turns into rubber, setting firmly in place. Spray several light layers of paint onto the box waiting for each coat to dry before the next. Use a fine sandpaper to keep the paint even between coats. 

Step 4 - Spraying with different colours

If you want the ball to be a different colour than the box spray these both separately before using the Sugru to adhere them together. Once dry, spray a pool of paint onto a scrap piece of paper (keeping the surrounding area protected) and use a toothpick to paint onto the exposed area.

Ta-dah! Thanks, Fran!