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How to make a Terracotta Pot Jack O'Lantern


We’re big fans of the brilliantly colourful Fireflies and Mud Pies blog - a great place to discover creative projects and ideas to connect and craft with your kids. So we sent them a pack of Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Sugru to see what fun they would come up with and we weren’t disappointed. Check out their step by step guide to making the most of ceramic terracotta pots in the run up to Halloween with an awesome DIY Jack O’Lantern!

To Make This Craft Project You Will Need

  • 1 large terracotta pot and saucer

  • 1 small terracotta pot and saucer

  • Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Sugru

  • orange, green or brown, and black outdoor acrylic paint

  • paintbrushes

  • naturally wired wire

  • wire cutters

ingredients needed for the Jack O'Lantern project

Step 1

Open the red and yellow packets of Sugru and invite your child to knead together to create orange. 

Yellow and red Sugru mixed together by hand

Step 2

Press the Sugru along the rim of the large terracotta pot carefully.

Sugru being applied to a ceramic terracotta pot

Step 3

Place the terracotta saucer on the pot and firmly press it into the Sugru. Show your child how to run their finger along the seam of Sugru to smooth it and remove any excess. Press the excess Sugru along the rim of a separate small pot, then press it onto the saucer to create a stem for the pumpkin. Allow the Sugru to cure for 24 hours.

Carefully remove any excess Sugru

Step 4

After the Sugru has set, invite your child to paint their terracotta pumpkin orange. 

Once Sugru has cured paint the terracotta pot orange

Step 5

Show the kids how to use a small, thin brush to paint their Jack O' Lantern's face with black paint.

Paint the Jack O'Lantern eyes with black paint

Step 6

Allow the paint to dry completely and set the terracotta Jack O' Lantern on your front porch to welcome Halloween!

Place your Jack O'Lantern on your porch for Halloween

Happy Halloween guys - stay spooky!