How to create Santa hat shaped hooks


Step 1: Open your Sugru

You'll need a white single-use pack and a red single-use pack. Open both. With two packs, you can create 4 strong stocking hooks. Divide your white pack into 4 bigger balls and 4 smaller balls. Divide your red pack into 4 equally sized balls.

Step 2: Apply your white Sugru

Take the 4 larger sized white balls and press them lightly onto the surface you want to stick them to. Roll your red balls into bean shapes. Press each red bean shape onto the white Sugru, pressing and shaping into a cone shape.

Step 3: Pull outwards

Gently draw the cone outwards in your fingers taking care not to interfere with the bond the Sugru is forming to the surface.

Step 4: Curl upwards

Curl the red Sugru upwards into a hook shape. Wipe your fingers with dry tissue paper then wash them in warm soapy water. Now press your small white Sugru balls onto the tips of the hooks, shaping them carefully to get a nice round white shape on the ends.

Step 5: Allow 24 hours to cure

Leave your hooks to cure for 24 hours, then hey presto – they're ready to use. Your Sugru will cure into a strong and durable silicone rubber. You can now hang your stockings for Santa. Enjoy!

Remember - if you'd like to remove your hooks after Christmas, just cut them off with a sharp knife and then remove any remaining residue with a dry towel or your fingernail.