How to turn a book into an e-reader cover

Step 1: Select the right book

The only requirement is that it needs to be a hardback book that's bigger than your e-reader - the rest is up to you! Choose the book you'll enjoy the most, or if you're making this as a gift, the one that will make the receiver love you forever. What was their favourite book or comic as a kid? Show them how well you know them.

Step 2: Remove the pages

Carefully remove all the pages with a sharp knife.

Step 3: Mark the corners of the e-reader

Use a pen to mark the corners of your e-reader. This will tell you where the hooks will need to be made.

Step 4: Make a Sugru cone on each corner

Open a single-use pack of Sugru in your colour of choice. Divide it into 4 equal size pieces. Roll each one into a ball. Then firmly press each ball onto the book in the places you marked. Now draw the Sugru upwards in your fingers to form a cone.

Step 5: Protect your e-reader with tape

Put tape round the edges of your e-reader to protect it as you create the hooks. 

Step 6: Fold to create hooks

Place the e-reader on the book cover. Then fold each of the cones over the corners to shape them into hooks. Ensure they go far enough over the corners that they will hold the E-reader in once the Sugru is cured.

Step 7: Leave to cure for 24 hours

Put your project away and let it cure for 24 hours. When you go back to get it you'll find the Sugru has transformed into a strong, durable silicone rubber and the hooks can be lifted to remove the E-reader. Now remove the tape from your e-reader and you're ready to go. Enjoy!