Sugru is the world's first mouldable glue that turns into rubber.

Hand formable

Hand formable

Sugru can be formed and shaped by hand for up to 30 minutes once it has been removed from its packaging.


Sticks to almost anything

Sugru forms a strong bond to metal, ceramics, glass, wood and some plastics like perspex and ABS and rubbers like silicone and butyl rubber.

Air cures

Air cures at room temperature

Sugru is like modelling clay when you take it from its pack. Once it's exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone overnight using the moisture in the air.

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Reposition Xbox controller buttons Reinvent your controller for better play

Reposition Xbox controller buttons

I hacked my xBox controller with sugru and made it so much better to use - the repositioned buttons are tact switches. On the front right of the xBox controller there are 4 buttons, Y, X, B, A. 

I moved these buttons to a much more comfortable spot, and now the bottom left side controls the Y and X and the right side controls B and A. It truly is more comfortable plus I don't have to take my thumb off the right "thumb stick" to hit the buttons the old fashion way, thus giving me way more control. Brian