How to apply Sugru to any smooth surface

To successfully apply Sugru to any smooth surface, follow these handy tips and you will have a super strong bond!


  • Your Sugru
  • Any smooth surface
  • Tissue paper

Step 1

Pack of Sugru being opened with scissors

Cut open your single-use foil pack by using scissors along the dotted line.

Step 2

Sugru being held with fingers

Roll Sugru in your fingers for 30 seconds. If you find that Sugru is sticking to your fingers, use a piece of dry tissue paper to wipe them clean.

Step 3

Flat surface being wiped down and cleaned with toilet paper

Ensure your surface is clean, dry and free of dust and grease - use some dry tissue paper to wipe it clean.

Step 4

Sugru being pressed into top of flat surface with thumb

Push your Sugru firmly onto your surface.

Step 5

Edges of Sugru being tidied with finger

For the maximum strength bond, make sure that you can see no join or shadow between the Sugru and the surface.

Step 6

Soapy water ued to smooth Sugru

Top tip: for a smooth finish, dip your fingers into some soapy water and gently rub the surface.

Step 7

Small mound of Sugru on flat surface

When you are happy with your fix, leave it to cure for 24 hours!