5 Ingenious Car Hacks

Sugru is a soft-touch mouldable silicone that sticks to most materials. Use it to fix broken bumpers and wing mirrors, make interior cosmetic repairs and waterproofing, even improve design flaws.

On The Road Again.

Whether you drive an old banger, a classic automobile or a brand new top of the range, your car is your pride and joy, right? But even the best cars in the world suffer mishaps or benefit from little design tweaks. Drivers use Sugru to fix, maintain and modify their vehicles, and ultimately enhance their motoring experience.


Fix for love

What is about classic car culture that so captivates? The finest craftsmanship? The blast of a vintage engine? Or the sheer pleasure of stepping back in time? Whatever it is that ignites such magic a classic motor vehicle generates a lot of love. Take a ride through the ages and see how Sugru helps car enthusiasts keep their dreams alive.

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Fix for the ride

There’s nothing quite like packing up the car and hitting the open road. It could be a full-on adventure or just a day trip. Either way, driving off into the horizon always feels like a scene from one of the great road movies. Thelma & Louis, Sideways, Wild At Hear, Little Miss Sunshine, the list is endless. Check out these tips to get your car ready for your next road trip.


Fix for the dashboard

Just Vlad is a prolific YouTuber who lives in Hawaii. He loves reviewing gadgets and testing them to the max. Since 2009 he’s been playing with tech, making videos for over 31k subscribers, and garnered almost 10m views! We were thrilled when he used Sugru to repair the cracked dashboard on his 2008 Infiniti G35 G37.

Why is Sugru so clever?

Here are just some of the ways it can help enrich your drive along the highways.

Fill In The Gaps

Wear and tear can take its toll, especially on classic cars. So when things start to go, use Sugru to make seamless cosmetic repairs. It’ll bond securely to metals like chrome, plastic, wood and even leather upholstery.

Repair Broken Wing Mirrors

Wing mirrors can withstand a few knocks, but not a real battering. You can easily replace the glass on the cheap, and you can rebuild the mirror enclosure with Sugru. Thanks to its advanced silicone technology, it’s extremely weatherproof, so the glass will stay securely bonded in the sun and the rain.

Keep Tech Tidy

In the old days, we’d be looking for somewhere to house all those maps, cassettes, and later CDs. Now it’s plug in, charge up and synch those devices. Use Sugru to help organise your cables and, with a little help from a trusty magnet, you can even mount your phone or a detachable GPS to the dashboard.

Fix A Failing Parcel Shelf

The rubber coupling that connects the strap to the parcel shelf has busted. It’s just one of those immensely annoying things that you keep meaning to fix every time you use it. Well, now you can. Sugru bonds perfectly to all sorts of materials and it cures to a durable, flexible silicone rubber.

Seal Any Leak

Even the most sophisticated designs can let us down. When the window seals, or guttering, start letting in water, you know it’s time to fish out the Sugru. It’s easy to mould into all sorts of difficult corners and contours and is completely waterproof.

Touch Up Scratches

We’ve all done it. Underestimated that brick wall or misjudged a manoeuvre. But even a little scrape on the paintwork can cost a small fortune to fix. Luckily, Sugru comes in 10 colours, so you’re pretty sure to find a near-perfect match – unless you’re driving a gold-plated Lamborghini. But we’re working on that shade.

Get Creative

Customising and personalising your beloved vehicle is a joyous exploit. Have some fun. Make your car uniquely yours with the most versatile glue in the world.

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