The Art Of Beautiful Repair

In a world where almost everything is mass-produced and instantly disposable, the art of beautiful repair is experiencing a quiet resurgence. It’s not just about being thrifty. It’s about being creative by transforming a broken object into something unique and more aesthetically pleasing. 

Sugru is a soft-touch mouldable silicone that sticks to most materials. Use it to repair and improve all kinds of everyday things, including precious objects that may have taken a tumble.

"We are stronger in the places we are broken"


We've long been advocates of giving things a longer life. Mending and repairing stuff not only helps reduce what we send to landfill, but it can also evoke an enormous sense of pride and creative achievement. Elevating the fix and making imperfections beautiful is nothing new. It has a long and fascinating history. People are using Sugru to rediscover the joys of this ancient art form.

Why is Sugru so clever?

Here are just some of the ways it can beautifully repair.

Make An Impression

Fixing things is usually practical and pragmatic, but it doesn't have to stop there. With a little thought and a touch of creative spirit, a simple repair becomes a delicate new design. Sugru is excellent for adding texture and embossing, just like this leaf imprint. See here. Then find your own ways to make broken beautiful.


The Japanese know a thing or two about fixing. In fact, they turned it into an art. Kintsugi (golden joinery) is the centuries-old Japanese art of repairing broken pottery and making an artistic feature out of it. Using lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, Kintsugi honours the break and repair as part of the object’s history, something worth seeing and celebrating. With colourful Sugru, it's Kintsugru. Your entry into this exotic world of beautiful repair.

Invisible Repair

Small decorative fixes can be quite fiddly and messy with regular glues. Out of the pack, Sugru is soft and malleable, perfectly suited for intricate projects. Its working time of 30–45 minutes, means there’s enough time to get the repair just right – without making a mess of things. If you don’t want to make a feature of your fix, try your hand at seamless repair like this treasured box inlaid with mother of pearl.

Revive & Reimagine

Fixing stuff doesn't have to be boring. Helga (scroll down for her story) used Sugru to create a cute character out of her kid's USB charger repair. Seek out everyday items in need of fixing or reinforcing and make something original, quirky, beautiful.

Rescue Failing Footwear

Sugru can repair splits and scuffs on shoes, and even prevent them from happening by adding a protective layer. That’s not all. Take the opportunity to find colours and designs to add a little creative touch to footwear. See our simple how-to guide and then step out in style.

Recover Cracked Crockery

Every fix tells a story and illustrates clever, resourceful thinking. Don’t bin it. Mend and make it better. Find the beauty by making the damage visible with contrasting colours. Sugru comes in 10 playful colours, so there are plenty of creative directions to go in. Transform an off-the-shelf piece into a fractured gem with a history.

Turn A Fix Into A Feature

Sometimes a break is so bad it needs quite a visible fix. If that’s the case, go the extra mile and make a dramatic feature of the repair. Create your own designs and share them with the world. Good ideas belong to everyone.

Watertight Wellie Patches

Jumping in puddles isn’t much fun if your rain boots leak. Patch up any splits with Sugru and, in 24 hours, it turns into waterproof silicone rubber. View your wellies as a blank canvas just waiting for an artistic make-over. Now, get creative.



Fix for creativity

She’s an ingenious mum-come-designer-come-incurable DIY addict who sees life as one giant creative project. Ever since Helga joined our community, she has delighted us with the wit and inventiveness she applies to her purposeful designs. She’s one of those unforgettable people with a unique gift for inspiring both kids and grown-ups alike.

You won’t believe what she can do with everyday objects around the home.

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