5 Banging Drum Hacks

Sugru is a soft-touch mouldable silicone that can be formed into any shape and sticks to most materials. Use it to personalise instruments and fine-tune your technique. It sets strong and turns into a durable, flexible rubber that is grippy, protective and removable.

In The Beginning There Was Rhythm

Percussionists create the backbone of any tune, and the bassist the blood that flows with and against the groove. It’s a powerful combo. And like all artists, they’re not afraid to experiment, which is why musicians love using Sugru to customise their kit.

Why is Sugru so clever?

Here is a handful of sound ideas to customise your kit and ramp up your technique.

Custom Snare Throw-Offs

The tension adjuster on snare drums can sometimes get a bit stiff. Use Sugru to adapt it. Simply mould it around the lever into any size or shape you want, in 24 hours, it turns into a durable, tactile rubber.

Fix Broken Zippers

From one gig to the next, the zippers on cymbal bags can take quite a bashing. No problem. Just grab a paperclip and build a new one with Sugru. Once cured, it’s machine washable, temperature-resistant and very grippy. Even if your zipper hasn’t broken, reinforce it with Sugru.

Rubber-Tipped Practice Sticks

Who needs a practice pad when you’ve got a couple of these mothers? Sugru is renowned for its excellent dampening properties. It can deliver vibration resistance and shock protection. Now you can chop out anywhere to the sound of silence.

Magnetic Drum Key Holders

What is about drum keys? Where do they all go? Don’t fret. Sugru is the perfect solution for this common problem. Whether using a magnet or not, with this brilliant hack your drum keys will be close at hand, and the kingdom of lost keys will be no more.

Bass Drum Hoop Protector

Bass drum pedal scratches may be a sign of a healthy drummer, but they’re not great looking and could end in permanent damage. Sugru cures into a flexible rubber, so it’s the best material for making your own DIY protector. What’s not love about this brilliant hack? 


Fix for the rudiments

David Raouf is an expert percussionist and drum hack extraordinaire. His popular YouTube channel, rdavidr which has been a massive hit with the drumming community, is where he shares his vast knowledge and skills of modifying and repurposing second-hand instruments. Watch him share some great ideas on how you use Sugru Mouldable Silicone to customise your drum kit.

Taylor Drumkit


Fix for control

Taylor was 12 when we first met him. As a budding musician (lead guitar and bass guitar) and a keen maker, he was excited to work with our Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Mouldable Silicone. The result was he designed and built his own guitar pedal board by using a small log, a doorknob, magnets and some Sugru.

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